Guest Blogger: How to Make Herb-Infused Oils

By Candy

I make my essential oils from olive oil, rosemary, lavender and nettle-- using heat as the infuser. This can be used as a pre-poo treatment/hot oil treatment, deep conditioner or just a daily treatment and sealant.

Things needed:
  • Double sauce pan (If you don't have a double sauce pan 2 pots can be used instead. Just ensure that one pot can be placed into the other without falling in.)
  • Herbs (nettle, rosemary, lavender...any herb of your choice can be used when doing this infusion.)
  • Extra virgin olive oil 
  • Strainer
  • Mixing spoon 
  • Air tight storage container 

 Infusion Instructions:

1. Fill a deep pot with water and set to boil.
2. Place all the herbs in a second pot.
3. Pour olive oil in the pot with herbs and stir lightly.
4. When the water in the first pot begins to boil, turn it down to a simmer.
5. Place second pot on top of the first pot and cover it.
6. Allow its to sit for 45 mins to 1 hour (Please do not open the lid of the second pot until the full time has passed, as this will disrupt the infusion.)
7. After the time has passed, turn the flame off and allow the mixture to cool.
8. Strain mixture into a container.
9. Pour mixture into your air tight container.
10. Seal container.
11. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight when not in usage.

 That's it! Your herb infused-oil is ready for usage =)

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