Blossoming Onyx Rose | Nia

I've been natural for three years. I big chopped in March 2010. I really wanted to go natural because I saw my mum go natural, and after getting inspired by so many naturalistas on the web (and of course blogs and bloggers like Onyx Rose!), I decided this was something I really wanted to do. But after my big chop, I felt like I had made a big mistake-- I felt I look like a boy and not cute at all. After weeks of going to college with hats on,  and this was in the heat of the summer sun (lol), I finally decided that if I was going to be natural, I was going have to own it. 
So I started a blog journal-ling my natural hair journey and going for it. I decided to walk with my head high in college and the rest of my life. So that's what I've been doing to this day, and I'm so glad I made the decision to go natural because it has really changed my life. I absolutely love being natural now, and I don't think I could ever go back to relaxers.
Check out Nia on her blog, My Kinks and Curls!

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